Rabbani Media Sdn Bhd (RMSB) is a subsidiary of Rabbani Productions (M) Sdn. Bhd and was established in 2011.

The company is focusing on activities such as the development and provision of content applications (Apps), marketing materials, and information technology (IT) media products to television stations.


Among the services provided are:

(1) Providing application development services with the concept of Islamic products such as iZikir, Yasin, Ahlan Wa Sahlan applications and others.

(2) Providing animated story programs and advertisement.

(3) Providing Muslim media marketing platform products to mobile application market for any interested parties to promote or market their products.

As a company that supports the role of the Islamic media publication, we are willing to collaborate and share with any party who is willing to be equally involved in developing applications in an effort to enhance the development of knowledge and preaching universal Islamic community.


Dakwah Melalui Teknologi (Preaching Through Technology) is a symbol of commitment and a new approach to build a successful dream.


To become a market leader in developing Islamic application concept which enables to compete in a virtual arena by producing high-quality, creative and innovative products.


To be known as a developer of leading Islamic concept application that can be the repository of knowledge and the development of an effective missionary.